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Socioeconomic status, education and other factors correspond with gang-involvement, but in the individual stories of gang members, Sowers finds that one loud factor rings out over all the rest: fatherlessness pp. This group tends to be emotionally and sexually promiscuous, in misguided attempts to assuage that doubt p.

They believe the lies of rejection until the lie becomes the truth. They have a sense of being nameless, of not knowing who they are p. For Sowers, what we think about God and how we relate to him defines who we are p.

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Forgiveness p. Statistics show that mentoring one-on-one puts children in a better position to avoid drugs, suicide, gangs, and a host of other problems e. Mentoring shows a child how to be respectful and how to interact with peers and elders. The end result should be affirmation of the child for who he or she is, taking into account the natural gifts and abilities of the child.

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Such affirmation needs to be given by someone actively committed to seeing it through over the long-term pp. He further encourages mentors to get involved in the life of the child by getting to know the family with whom the child resides and other important figures, so that the adults can exchange information and take better care of the child. Sowers points out that even Jesus felt the temptation to doubt his identity, specifically his relationship to his Father, in the desert e. Matthew 4. The Father, too, knew where to strengthen Jesus for victory over his temptations and for his ministry ibid.

Barnabas Piper.

The Fatherless Generation // Sharing Their Stories

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Wesley Hill: The church as father to the fatherless

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Scripture warns against sloth—and against using it to explain away oppression. Why would two distinctly different denominations work together? And what have they learned?

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Finally, as the father of two young girls, it reminded me of the powerful influence I am on Abigail and Hannah for good or bad. I pray that my girls truly know how much their daddy loves them, and that my influence will be a godly one. Fatherless Generation shines a light on the trials of all who are going to bed tonight without a dad. Their challenges are real. Their pain is deeply felt.

This book offers its readers an opportunity to be a part of transforming the lives of a fatherless generation.

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