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In principle farmers can borrow through rural co-operatives. A recent reform allows banks to lend against aggregated land rights. In practice, the small scale and a lack of formal business experience make banks reluctant to lend. Zi Qingshun is a member of a new breed of Chinese farmer: the capitalist entrepreneur.

His idea for building larger farms in China is the preferred route for impatient officials. Mr Zi arrived in Xiaogang village in His company Shunten controls about 2, acres across three provinces, and hopes to reach 16, acres, an unprecedented scale for labour-intensive fruit farming in China. He hired about 20 full-time staff and offered locals Rmb60 daily wages at peak harvest times. For good measure he added a field of lavender with a fake windmill and Liberace-style white piano. It would be unthinkable. For now, entrepreneurs like Mr Zi can reach scale by negotiating multiyear contracts on larger tracts directly with the village collective.

But in the longer term they are constrained by the inability to secure direct land rights, and the obligation to keep paying rent on thousands of tiny plots. Mr Zi says his peach trees are a year investment, well beyond the year expiration of the land rights he has contracted.

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He is not the only one. The brightly painted village of Luoxinzhuang in Huaiyuan county — just km from Xiaogang village — shows that the trend of contracting land away from villagers can still go wrong. Elderly village women pitied them even as their own wages dwindled. In the second year, land use payments arrived late amid rumours that the entrepreneur had to borrow money. By year three, the Guizhou workers were promised wages only after they returned from their new year holidays. When the FT visited Luoxinzhuang in June, the yellow dormitories were empty. The kale had gone to seed in the untended fields.

Payments for the land had not arrived and villagers without children in the cities were drawing on savings to buy food.

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He is very much in his own league with superb plotting and writing, and he doesn't do the floppy finish, like many other writers who, literally, lose the plot at the end. Readers choice.

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When we conceded the goal, we kind of seemed to lose the plot ," said McLeish. And special police stations inside grounds will be set up to deal with any punters who lose the plot. Business bullies. He's lost the plot a little bit today on some of the decisions he's made. Despite the ludicrousness of this June remains defiant though she is worried she might lose the plot.

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Council idiots lose the plot. I love this comment Sonja great wisdom, as this makes so much sense — that how we live either contributes to the mess of the world or helps tidy it up. This is NOT our common way of thinking and in that regard we have definitely lost the plot. I agree and we have the choice to contribute to the mess we can see in our world or take action and by that I mean take Responsibility.

I used to want to campaign about this and that and always felt helpless as the task was too big so sitting and moaning was about as far as I got. In fact the opposite. I know me doing my bit does make a difference and the tides are turning. OK small I know when you got billions going the other way but nevertheless with commitment and consistency change is inevitable.

You can feel they have not lost the plot and are committed to weekly blogs and working behind the scenes to present and deliver more. Watch out world. Holiday time so go on cruises that has ridiculous amounts of restaurants and alcohol to drink and then spend post holiday blues complaining of the weight that has piled on.

This blog makes sense to me; what I get is that what brings the true and lasting change we all want comes from the inside and expands outward. I know now, by experiencing how much a true role model can inspire me to change, that if I want the world to be more loving as I know it should and could be I need to take care of myself and be more loving with myself in every way. The more I develop my foundation the more I can bring a person who is NOT spent, strung out, discouraged beyond words but one who is vital, aware and loving to the world and this way will naturally spread as this is inspiring for others as a reminder of our common nature and loving way to be.

I agree Jo — true change has to come from inside of us or else its someone else telling us and we make changes in reaction.

For the record, done that and it does not work and never will. Reflection means we can make a difference to another by not ramming it down their throats or preaching, teaching or imposing what we want for them but to simply BE who we truly are and they get to feel that. This is where true change will happen. A classic example that comes to mind is where you get a new book out telling you this and that but if the person writing does not live that true quality inside day in and day out then how can we the reader have lasting change. There is an incongruence and this is where the word Responsibility comes in.

If we are sharing something we know works then at least makes sure you are LIVING that consistently before you go making it into something and posting it online or off line. That is Responsibility. How we live in every moment has a Responsibility and maybe that needs to be a blog one day. I love the title to this article — have we lost the plot?

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Family members having trouble sleeping, a sister with a drug issue, a father who drinks too much, a work colleague diagnosed with diabetes, a friend who tried to kill himself, other friends with mental health issues, marriages breaking up and a mother who has had cancer. In amongst the mess in my own backyard I have made a choice to self care which is what I have been doing for a few years now. I am taking responsibility for my life and have begun to look beyond my white picket fence and see that there is a whole lot of care needed for the world in which we live.

In beginning to care for myself I can look to truly care and support others as well. I agree Sally — I also love the title and it is sometimes just this simple way of saying things that could make someone want to read this amazing blog. I know what you are saying about being only interested in you, your family and your life and is this not how most think and live these days?

We all know deep down we are not comfortable with that and the proof is we want to do something when there is an earthquake on our doorstep. We forget all the things we acquired and held onto and suddenly the open heart and sharing and being with the ALL in one-ness is there. Hello is anyone reading this? This is huge if you get what I am saying. Yes, it really could be that Simple. To truly care for others, we first have to truly care for ourselves. As a race of beings, we have certainly lost the plot. You only have to look at the dynamics of a typical family and then magnify that for the whole world to see what a mess we have created for ourselves.

Truly caring for ourselves will give us the impulse needed to start us asking the questions to precipitate the changes that humanity so needs. Any journey we take always has to start with that first step. It will never be too late to make the choice to start to self-care and take responsibility for our own lives. This comment about family as a microcosm of the world hit me straight in the eyeballs. If that is true then the possibility massively opens up for each of us actually to influence the bigger picture of the human race.

lose the plot

If we look at how we have personally lost the plot and truly work on that, then I can totally see how that would influence our family and those around us — if we really start caring for ourselves then everyone sees that and has the opportunity to do the same. Then that would influence more people and then they would influence more people… etc. Imagine if that was actually the answer to us finding the plot again on a global scale. Nothing else is making sense so how about we look at things another way and as you say here Jenifer in your comment, first to look at how we have personally lost the plot and that could include — in what areas are we not being absolutely honest and then seeing how this affects our closest like family.

Influence could be interpreted as a force and making another choose what they may not want or be truly ready for. That means they get to feel in their lungs an expanding breath and rise from where they are at by their own choice and in that feel a sense of freedom as it came completely from them and not the influence of another. Trust this is making some sense. To keep it simple — being inspired by another has long lasting change. I know that from lived experience. A great comment Tim and some wise words that would benefit us all in the long term.

We all tend to feel helpless and powerless with what is going on in our world and yet each of us make up this world so change starts with us.