Manual Surviving the Stained Glass Jungle: The State and Fate of the Christian Ministry

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The leadership has to provide programs and events to draw more and more participants and fans on gameday. All we need is Jesus with a simple message of right and wrong, here is the double cure for sin and Galatians one law to obey that covers everything God wants for His children.

I recently spoke with a reverend from a denominational group that has issues with membership. He responded that that was my interpretation and he must go by the ruling of a council on the issues we spoke of. Some are just divided, following mixed covenants to give some people power, money and control.

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Click for Tree diagram of the denominations there are many of these, find one you like Do you know where your roots are? Men add branches. God cuts at the base and chops the disobedient, unfruitful branches off. And grafts in the believing obedient people of all nations for one body of Chris t.

Francis Chan speaks to me as a person of passion and fire for God in his heart. Grace and obedience are different and the same result. Paul in Corinthians is clear, the Temple is your body. Many dot the country with relics and artifacts galore. I would hate to know my healing or my salvation relied on physical objects or rituals from old covenants. Romans Finally they admit by demonstration they have asked the other person for help with their problems. How do you feel about the loyalty your lover shows? You need to talk to the home builder about cleaning out for a new person to dwell with you.

The local home builder has a new foundation and a new building style based on one rule in the code book. Why would you ever want to move back to the place you could not keep up?

Jesus said, Abide! You are deep in the jungle, your map, compass and guide are gone in a flash of an accident. You can call one person for help. Your best course is to: Ask them to read a book about the jungle and tell you what they think best to do. Ask them to send you a few things that helped them with the thought of the jungle. Whoever you talk to has not been through this jungle of life and death.

Only one person in all of history has ever claimed to have survived a full court Roman execution. Did Jesus? If he did I will honor Him as Savior. He is the winner. I will place all my life on His table.

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He may pour me out like a drink offering or serve me up as He wills. If He does not live and never arose I am still a happy fool for God. I do not mind being the court jester for the King. No other God claims to have a risen Savior. I will place all my foolish hope for the only person that has ever claimed to have made it out of the jungle of death alive. The Resurrection of Jesus is the hinge of history. I want to know everything about my guide and how to get out of this jungle alive.

You can say you do not like him, you do not understand him, you do not know him. You can know Him through His Word and Spirit. He is not lost. We are in the jungle of life and death. We will all leave our mortal remains here in the dirt. Do we try and follow the light He shines, Follow the moral compass He uses, we can never be good enough to survive the jungle without Him. We have no power over the jungle. Your choice. Maybe you had a trusted guide and they abused and hurt you as people do.

However the backroom storehouse has little to offer. Here is a box of social mores, here a roll of aspirations, a torn open case on a pallet sits in the middle of the floor. Next month will have a bake sale to help the building fund sez the bulletin that is our next to FB communication device. We must do better with our talents. Many have tried to follow the Master by trying to form a box to place him in. A place we are comfortable with. No other gods compare or deserve our interest or concern.

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Tom Wright is a gifted teacher and his bible knowledge is good if not profound but he always goes more for Paul, in fact his book on Paul is how I discovered this Anglican priest, a reverend bishop of the Church of England. Bio of Paul by NT.

Bart Erhman, has written many books and taught many students about his view of Jesus from a historical perspective. He is pretty clear on the facts of the New Testament, Early Church, and Jesus Christ from his opinion of the historical record. I find the facts are just that, if verifiable and accurate facts are used. Because of this I am firm in my faith that Jesus arose. Bart Ehrman, has written many books and taught many students about his view of Jesus from a historical perspective.

I find the facts are just that if verifiable and accurate facts are used. The facts are in history. I appreciate the history lesson. God wants our love and obedience is what I get from the overall message of the NT. The opinions of Dr Erhman are sprinkled like road apples on a nice walking trail in all of his books. It is evident Bart he sez so has no faith in Jesus as a savior. When James wrote Pure Worship is this We must know the facts!

The divided denominated religious world needs the facts of the New Testament revealed by a gifted scholar-like Bart. As a follower of Jesus, reading this is revealing like reading your families criminal history. I am firm in my faith that Jesus arose. Bart has only conjecture and his ideas on what happened to Jesus. I am firm in my belief in God. Wright, and other progressive Followers of Jesus. No more need to hear Dr Bart. The narration was terrible fast! We left the building where the fans gather a few minutes a week to count nickels and noses.

We were never called to be entertained or served. Use the gifts of our great God given to you where you stand.

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Listen to His voice. Follow Jesus not religion. How do you use your gifts? What does God want? Francis Chan on youtube, last five mins are a warning to the American Church.

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If I could prove Jesus arose by sharing a picture, statue, stained glass window or middle ages tapestry, relic or Renaissance painting or having a parchment first edition of Mark or Moses dripping ink from his pen. None of that is of faith or Grace, if worshiped. None of that would replace the fact that there can be none other name among humans that offers so much for so little effort in such a loving wonderful way of Grace.

To place any image, idol, person, place, event or thing before Him or require others to obey is to follow the Pharisees or pagans in error. When I first came to God after being a lost child and prodigal son I was weak and focused on my past sinful life. I did not trust God to forgive everything and I could not figure any way I could pay or restore even parts of the mistakes and sins I had committed. I tried the self work of trying to fix myself.

I now know that there is nothing I can do to fix my past. Only my pride, greed, and ego can prevent me from forgiving and loving as Jesus does.

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I must kill these emotions, feelings, thoughts and bury them as part of the old man of sin. Romans 6. Rightly divide to me means that I take an overall view of the scripture, know the Greek words the author used if possible, know the setting of the writing, understand the history, culture, and people as much as possible. I might meet Jesus on the beach with my friends and have breakfast. I find it hard to read the letters of Peter and find a more humble servant to wash my feet.