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Riverworld is an artificial " Super-Earth " environment where all humans and pre-humans are reconstructed. The books explore interactions of individuals from many different cultures and time periods. Its underlying theme is quasi-religious.

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The motivations of alien intelligences operating under ultra-ethical motives are explored. There are also several Riverworld short stories. The first of these appeared in Farmer's anthology:. In the early s, it was decided to turn Riverworld into a shared universe anthology series, with numerous authors being invited to participate. Only two volumes were released:. Set millennia in the future, the Riverworld is a Super-Earth -like planet , terraformed to consist solely of a single long river-valley that snakes across its entire surface.

The river's source is a small North Polar sea, from which it follows a course tightly zig-zagging across one hemisphere before flowing into another, along an equally labyrinthine path, to the same sea. The river has an average depth of 1. It is shallow near the shore but plunges to enormous depths towards the channel. The banks are generally smooth and gentle, expanding into wide plains on either side, then assuming jagged hills before an impenetrable mountain range. There are no seasons, and daily variations are metronomic.

The only animal life consists of fish and soil worms.

The vegetation is lush and of great variety, including trees, flowering vines, several kinds of fast-growing bamboo, and a resilient mat of grass which covers the plains. The Riverworld has no visible moon, but a great number of stellar objects in the sky, including gas sheets and stars close enough to show a visible disk.

The Merry Men of the Riverworld (Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld series)

The story of Riverworld begins when 36,,, humans, varying from the first Homo sapiens until the early 21st century, are simultaneously resurrected along the river. Originally the cut-off year was given as still a speculative date when the novels were first published ; but this later was modified to Purportedly, the cut-off indicated the point at which most of the human race had been purposefully annihilated by first contact with aliens visiting Earth.

The protagonists later find this a creative fiction, produced by the masterminds of the resurrection. In each area are initially three groups of people: a large group from one time period and place, a smaller group from another time and place, and a very small group of people from random times and places most of the 20th- and 21st-century humans are part of this last group. Most of the resurrected awaken in a body equivalent to that of their year-old selves, in perfect health and free of any previous genetic or acquired defects.

All heart disease, tooth decay, and blindness are gone, and all amputated limbs are restored; whereas certain neurological impulses for instance, curiosity or chemical addiction remain intact. These bodies do not age, and can regenerate nearly any non-fatal injury, including dismemberments and blindings. The new bodies are completely free of infection and seem resistant to it albeit in the absence of hostile bacteria or viruses on the Riverworld [ clarification needed ].

Initially hairless, the bodies grow cephalic hair and pubic hair at a normal rate. Men do not have foreskins or grow facial hair ; whereas women have intact hymens. It is impossible to conceive children on Riverworld. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 01, Randy rated it it was amazing.

Philip José Farmer

Originally published in one of the two collections of stpries by different authors in Farmer's Riverworld. A bit of background: The Riverworld is a million mile long river on a world where every human who has ever lived has been resurrected along it's shores.

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Each has a grail that can be attached to a grailstone each day that will provide essentials: food, clothing, medicines, tobacco. Everything else must come from the people's own hands, minds. If one died in this new setting, they simply woke Originally published in one of the two collections of stpries by different authors in Farmer's Riverworld. If one died in this new setting, they simply woke up the next morning somewhere on the river, hundreds, thousands of miles from where they had died again. It allows any combination of real life folks for stories.

In this one, Robin Hood and his band travel the river freeing people from tyrannies set up by villains of history. Not really. Robin is a former actor that had signed to play Robin on a series in fledgling television, only to be thrown by a recalcitrant horse and killed. He'd trained hard on the longbow and shown a certain talent for it.

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He'd gathered a like minded bunch of men and each assumed the role of one of the Merry Men. Little John was the only one who'd had any notoriety in their former lives. Little John was no other than Abraham Lincoln. One day they encounter a riverboat sailing along, commanded by Jules Verne, wounded, and in sad shape. One of the Merry Men had been a medic in his original life and helped get him on the raod to recovery. He had a sad story to tell.

None of them were lawmen, soldiers, and Verne recognized a need for such. He'd accepted the help of a new arrival to the city who showed organizational skills along those lines. That was his mistake. The fellow's name was Capone and he had a lieutenant named Eichmann.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go by Farmer - AbeBooks

Soon the city was taken over, renamed New Chicago, and Capone began setting up his empire. He wanted guns and was forcing development along those lines. Verne and others attempted to escape in the newly constructed riverboat, which Capone planned as a brothel and gambling casino, Verne injured in the escape. Robin convinces him his bet bet is to free New Chicago and the planning begins with training in longbow use, scoutig missions, and contact with folks in the city to help.

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The Riverworld, which was a creation of Philip Jose Farmer, is a place where humans who have died are resurrected. If you do check it out you will not be be disapointed. Solaris and Roadside Picnic are also rather interesting because one is from Lem who is Polish and the other one is from a couple of brothers who are Russian, so to see their point of view on the theme in SF where we as humans cant understand and cant comunicate with extraterrestrial life is rather unique.

And right now I am reading Snow Crash from Neal Stephenson, the weird thing about this book is that some people love it, and some other people hated it, and its odd in the sense that I am not liking it, but at the same time I cant stop reading it hahaha. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I do not like this one bit. Others might like it I had serious problems with style or substance.

Enjoyable read.